We do NOT test for mold

Here’s why…

 It is important to conduct an air quality test to determine how far mold may have spread, even if it is visible on surface areas in your home.

If you suspect you may have mold in your home or you are certain that you have mold in an area that is larger than ten square feet, we can recommend a professional hygienist to perform mold testing. We partner with professional certified companies that perform this service throughout the state. Many of our initial conversations with clients consist of explaining the mold remediation process and guiding them towards taking the correct actions to ensure the safe removal of the mold from your home or business. For many clients this is their first experience with mold. Here we will answer question you may have about the mold testing experience such as, what it means to have mold testing done in your home, why it is important, and what you can do to get the process going correctly and safely.

Does ProRestore Services Test for Mold?

Most clients assume testing for mold and removing it are the same service. However, while ProRestore Services is licensed to remediate and remove mold, we are not allowed to be licensed to test for mold or determine whether you have a mold issue at all.

In the state of Florida, there are laws in place to protect businesses and homeowners by not allowing any particular business to simultaneously hold a remediator license and a testing license at any given time. The licenses are separated to ensure you, as the homeowner, are safe from conducting business with any company that may wish to perform testing on your property, inflate estimates for remediation, and overcharge you for services. This ensures honest testing and remediation. 

If ProRestore Services Doesn’t Test, Who Does?

The decision of who to call to schedule mold-testing services is entirely up to you unless your insurance company specifies otherwise. There are many testing companies available in Central Florida but it is important to know what you should expect from your company of choice. Companies that offer to perform remediation in addition to testing or companies that do not provide full documentation after tests are completed should be avoided. ProRestore Services can help by coordinating the services of a trustworthy, independent, third party mold inspection company that have proven to be efficient and thorough.

What Should I Expect from The Mold Assessors I Choose?

Solid mold testing companies in Orlando and the surrounding areas will actually perform multiple tests your home. The company will take surface samples from your home to determine the type of mold you are dealing with. However, doing this type of surface testing alone is insufficient in determining the extent to which your home is affected or the actions that must be completed to successfully remediate and ensure the mold problem is gone.

Air quality samples should also be taken from multiple areas throughout your home. Mold is a living organism that releases spores that become airborne and can travel throughout your home and ventilation systems, affecting other areas as well. Air quality tests will determine how much of your home is affected.

A professional mold assessor will provide you with the full details of your testing results and their findings. You should expect a report that contains a variety of information such as the type of mold species found, how many areas are affected, and which areas contain the highest concentration of mold spores. You should receive a written protocol from the mold assessor which details what actions are needed in order to successfully remediate the mold.

Will ProRestore Services Remediate Without Testing?

ProRestore Services will notperform remediation for any client that cannot provide a written protocol for proper remediation from a licensed mold assessor. ProRestore Services is an IICRC licensed remediation company, we follow strict guidelines to ensure quality work and services are provided to our clients.

The only exception to this rule is in the case of clients who have a mold problem that is only affecting an area that is less than ten square feet. While we still recommend proper testing, areas smaller than ten square feet do not require testing to be removed of mold or mildew, treated, and sanitized.

How Do I Get Mold Testing Started?

You may choose to find your own mold testing company. Keep in mind to find a license mold testing company and keep in mind the information provided in this article. If you need assistance or recommendations for trustworthy mold testing companies, call our office at (407) 710-8787 and we will happy to assist you!